22 März, 2018

Coaching in Leipzig -- in English!


selbst.werk Leipzig offers coaching in English


Moving freely is one of the great benefits of our globalised world. However, when working and living in foreign countries, not everything goes according to plan. Sometimes, help is needed in daily work and/or life -- by means of a coach that supports, guides and helps in tough times.

In order to cater to the needs of the foreign community in Leipzig and surroundings, selbst.werk offers coaching in English language to those that feel more comfortable in their mother tongue. This goes equally for other foreigners that simply feel more comfortable in English than in German, of course! 

Andreas Hauser lived in the US, has been working internationally for over 20 years and is as fluent as a foreign speaker can get in English. 
He offers his services as a business and life coach in any of the following situations: 

·        Changes in the work life
·        Problems in relationship
·        Inner resistance or aversions
·        High Sensitivity (HSP)
·        Self-doubt
·        Culture shock 

Coaching can be done on an individual basis or for couples in a relationship. Andreas bases his work on several proven methods of intervention: 

There is a guiding principle to deal with every possible situation a person encounters: leading the own system from a position of the self. The basis is self-awareness for what is going on (as behaviour patterns), followed by interventions of self-regulation. The long-term goal would always be a form of self-leadership to guide the inner system accordingly. 

The practice of mindfulness is the basis for calming down, finding centering and becoming aware of the patterns of behaviour that cause stress. Short and powerful exercises help in daily life to find focus and clarity for action. 

Coaching will not give standard tips or solutions on how to deal with life or certain situations. It will, however, help identify ways to (re-)take over the responsiblity for the decision made in life. The self. is an inner state of mind, a compass, that provides clarity, confidence and courage to guide when needed. The question is: How to get regular access to it? We will find ways to practice and strengthen just that. 

Power of small steps
Change comes gradually -- it is all about giving the right impulses when they are neede. So instead of turning the world upside down, small movements into the right direction give way to larger transformation. 

Interested? Get in touch and we will jointly discover what would be adequate ways for you to be coached! :-) 

Andreas Hauser
Kolbestr. 3, 04229 Leipzig